Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail™

Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail™ - The fast way to inbox zero!

Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail™ is a Google Chrome extension that helps you manage your Gmail and/or Google Apps mail. It is top-rated, highly customizable and integrates seamlessly into your browsing experience.


	• Mail preview window, read mail without leaving the current tab
	• Delete, archive, spam, star and mark as read functionality
	• Desktop and sound notifications when new mail arrives
	• Support for multiple Google and Google Apps accounts
	• Mailto-links open in your Gmail or Google Apps Mail account
	• Monitor all your labels or priority inbox
	• Translated to over 60 languages!
	• More than 10 different icon sets, choose your favorite!

Preview window
Observe! This extension requires elevated permissions because of the content script that parses mailto-links. It does NOT in ANY WAY monitor private data in your browser! Softpedia certification: Still not convinced? Take a look at the source code: If you have a problem, suggestion or have created a new icon set, please take a look in the forum; you will find the link below. Thanks! Like the extension? Contribute by spreading the word! This extension is in no way affiliated with Google. Logo by Alejandro Díaz (, icons by Iconza (

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Change log (2011-03-20)

  • Mailto-links will now be parsed on HTTPS sites as well (2011-03-16)

  • Added a check for oversized custom notification sounds
  • Fixed an issue where the custom notification sound would not be saved

1.2.3 (2011-03-09)

  • Reverted the notification sound
  • Added an option to select different notification sounds (even your own!)
  • Fixed an issue with HTML encoding of non-latin characters

1.2.2 (2011-03-06)

  • Added a setting to control desktop notification timeouts (under the Visual-tab)
  • Fixed an issue with sound notifications and changed the notification sound
  • Fixed the XSS security flaw propely this time

1.2 (2010-10-30)

  • New layout including full sized mail previewing
  • New feature: multiple account support (read more)
  • New feature: send current page (mail bookmark)
  • New feature: desktop notifications include mail actions
  • Fixed an issue with sound notifications
  • Fixed an XSS security flaw (reported by Lostmon, read more)
  • Improved handling of mailto-links
  • New icon set: Native
  • Added new translations (now 63 in total!) (2010-09-04)

  • Added support for priority inbox in Gmail. (2010-08-06)

  • Fixed an issue with multiple login causing the action buttons to stop working. The extension will monitor your default account (if you are logged in to more than one). (2010-08-06)

  • Fixed an issue with the language selection on the options page.

1.1.7 (2010-02-10)

  • New feature: desktop notifications (might not work on all operating systems)
    To enable this feature, go to the options page and check "Show desktop notifications"
  • Added new translations
  • Fixed: Delete now marks mail as read
  • Fixed an issue with sound notifications
  • Fixed an issue with new mail animation
  • Fixed an bug that made mail without a sender disappear

1.1.6 (2010-01-25)

  • New feature: translations!
  • New feature: icon animation when you have unread mail
  • New layout on the preview window
  • New layout on the options page
  • Fixed an issue which could make the action buttons stop working
  • Fixed a bug which would display "undefined" instead of the month in the preview window
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